jimmy is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

JIMMY Generator
Multiparton Interactions in HERWIG

JIMMY Generator is a library of routines for linking with the now obsolete fortran HERWIG Monte Carlo event generator. JIMMY allowed you to generate multiple parton scattering events in hadron-hadron, photon-photon or photon-hadron events. The physics content of JIMMY was implemented and improved in the later versions of Herwig. Like fortran HERWIG, JIMMY is no longer supported.

Downloads (legacy interest only)

  • Standard tarball configured with autotools from the downloads page. Then follow these steps.
  • Download the Source code, Include file, Example main program for Jimmy 4.1. If you do this, beware the fortran flag issue below. If you really need jimmy distributed in the single fortran file, please let me know. Otherwise 4.1 will most likely be the last version distributed this way.


Credits and Blame

The generator was developed by Jon Butterworth, Jeff Forshaw, Mike Seymour and Rod Walker. The code has not been maintained or supported for several years now (see top).